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Keep Your (N) Where the Corn Plant Can Use It

The value of nitrogen (N) stabilization is easy to equate when cost for N is high, but when prices are relatively low, it’s a different value proposition.

It may seem like a great money-saver to skip the stabilizer and just dump all the N you need, but that would be counterproductive today and really costly when looking at yields next year.

Data collected over 40 years suggests that nitrogen stabilization using products like N-Serve® and Instinct II® can increase yield by 7%, which would add 14 bushels to a 200-bushel yield.

In fact, studies have shown that stabilizing at the right rate will produce a greater yield than higher rates of applied nitrogen.

If a corn plant misses an opportunity to uptake nitrogen, it does not compensate later and yield is lost. Stabilizing applied nitrogen removes the risk of not being able to apply nitrogen exactly when the corn plant needs it.

In addition, some soils do not retain more nitrogen, so any increased N will be washed away with the first rain.

On average, applying the correct rate of nitrogen and stabilizing it using a proven product:

  • Increases test weight 1.0 point
  • Increases protein content 0.5%
  • Decreases moisture content 1.0%
  • Improves standability and harvest efficiency
  • Reduces nitrates making their way into the environment.

While there are other nitrogen stabilizers on the market, N-Serve (Nitrapyrin) is the only nitrification inhibitor listed on the Iowa Nutrient Reduction Strategy.

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