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Fact or Fiction: Do you know how to safely stay warm this winter?

Prepare yourself for the upcoming winter by testing your knowledge with FACT or FICTION – Propane Edition!


Fact or Fiction: Stoves and gas grills are great sources of space heat during the winter – especially during a power outage.

FICTION: Only use appliances that are designed and approved for indoor use. Never store, place or use a propane cylinder indoors or in enclosed areas. Never use outdoor propane-powered appliances indoors or in enclosed areas. Without proper ventilation, deadly carbon monoxide (CO) fumes can build up.

Fact or Fiction: Never ignore the smell of gas.

FACT: Immediately put out all smoking materials and other open flames. Do not operate lights, appliances, telephones, or cellphones. Get everyone away from the home or area where you suspect gas is leaking. If safe to do so, close or shut off the main gas supply valve by turning it to the right (clockwise). Call United L.P. at (641) 423-4011 immediately from a safe place to report the leak. If you cannot reach us, call 911. Do not return to the area until a propane provider, emergency responder, or qualified service technician gives the OK.

Fact or Fiction: Always maintain a decent supply of propane in your tank.

FACT: A severe winter storm can hinder additional propane deliveries. If you run out, contact your propane provider immediately. We must check your system for leaks before turning your gas back on.

Fact or Fiction: Use energy liberally.

FICTION: Winter storms and the resulting inaccessible roads may make propane deliveries impossible for several days. Use energy conservatively by setting your programmable thermostat to as low as is comfortable – possibly a few degrees cooler at night and when nobody is home. Close off any rooms that don’t need to be heated.

Fact or Fiction: Appliances don’t need to vent. There’s no need to check them once they’re installed.

FICTION: Allow your appliances to vent properly. If it is safe to do so, clear snow and ice away from outdoor vents, chimneys, and flutes to prevent blocking any ventilation.


United LP is available to ensure your LP tanks are working properly and are filled. Safety Tips