Craig's Comments  09/26/18 4:14:03 PM

The North Iowa Cooperative is now offering the ability to have your grain sale proceeds directly deposited into your bank account.  To take advantage of ACH, please contact us to find out the specifics. Traditional paper checks are also still an option and you can choose either method of payment.

Day trading is opens at 8:30 am and closes at 1:15 pm Monday through Friday, and the overnight trade starts at 7:00 pm. Please call any of our Grain offices by 1:00 pm so we can capture the market price of that day.

If you have any questions about grain trading hours, or if you would like to discuss the current market trends, give me a call at the Thornton office. 
Call us if you want to have us watch a target selling price for your grain. This service works well for you and us during the busy harvest season. 641-998-2711 or 800-531-9241.
The North Iowa Cooperative would like to take this opportunity to Thank You  for your business.

We look forward to serving your grain delivery, drying, hauling and storage needs this fall harvest season.

 Call us if you need some grain trucked out of your storage facilities!

 Email me @ 
 Thanks, Craig Backhaus

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