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"Here for You"

North Iowa Cooperative’s agronomy team takes pride in the fact that we are continually focused on the future of crop inputs and related technologies.

Our skilled staff is anxious to work with our producers to maximize the potential of this matrix utilizing product knowledge and creative systems. Devoted commitment to our customers’ success is the advantage that is North Iowa Cooperative. Please contact any of these qualified individuals to discuss your specific needs.





Matt Hardy, Certified Crop Advisor
Agronomy Division Manager

Cell Phone: (641)373-7548
Thornton Office: (641)998-2711
                    or 800-531-9241

Richard Halsne, Field Sales Agronomist
Cell Phone: (641)420-1573
Thornton Office: (641)998-2711
                     or 800-531-9241

Tyler Flint, Field Sales Agronomist
Cell Phone: (641)529-3274
Thornton Office: (641)998-2711
                       or 800-531-9241

Dennis Maertens, Field Sales Agronomist/Seed Sales
Cell Phone: (641)420-1824
Clear Lake Office: (641)357-5274
                        or 888-350-5274

Bob Lugar, Field Sales Agronomist
Cell Phone: (641)425-4803
Portland Office: (641)423-5311
                       or 800-341-5311

Ryan Smith, Field Sales Agronomist
Cell Phone:
Portland Office: (641)423-5311
                       or 800-341-5311

Brian Dirksen, Precision Ag Specialist
Cell Phone:
Portland Office: (641)423-5311
                       or 800-341-5311



NOTE: Physical address of the NH3, Liquid storage, Chemical loadout and Dry Fertilizer mix plant is: 

16228 Thrush Ave, Mason City, IA

It is located just north across the railroad tracks from our grain/seed facility and office in Portland.


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